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Free Date Night – Football Bingo

Watching a football game on TV can be fun…and it can also be a great little date night.  Yes, it can be!  So turn on that TV, grab your sweetie, print out our free Football Bingo cards and create a football date night of your own. There are 4 cards in our set, so you can easily set this up as a double date.

football_bingo_free_downloadStep 1:

Download, print and cut our free Football Bingo cards. This is a fun way to stay engaged with the game, and to be a little competitive with your partner.

Step 2:

Make some food, wear your team colors. Make it a fun date night that feels like something special. Even buying some different beer for the occasion will make it feel fresh. Break out that foam finger for some cheering or even half time twerking!

Step 3:

We suggest you put on your game face and make this a Bingo worth winning. Here are some of our suggested additions to keep it sharp:

  • First item checked = a mini back rub
  • Kiss Cam = a kiss of course
  • Every time you spot a food vendor, take a swig of beer
  • Winner = a back rub till the next commercial



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