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What’s in a DateBox Club Date Night?

This is the number 1 question from our customers (before they sign up)  – everyone wants to know what’s in a DateBox?

Part of the fun & excitement is the anticipation, and not knowing what’s in the box. Couples that sign up for our DateBox Club subscription are setting aside intentional time to spend together. We take our part very seriously, knowing we’re a big piece of that commitment. Our DateBoxes are planned out months in advance, and tested over and over before they get to you.

Our “secret sauce” isn’t the individual items in the box, but the connection part of the date. This can range from a game to an activity or a DIY. Our instruction card walks you through the entire date, and every element is tied in. We won’t send a bunch of random items, and expect you to pull them into a meaningful date. Plus, we change it up every month – just to keep you surprised! It’s all designed to maximize your time together, and bring you closer together. We have made some of our “Club Favorites” available on Amazon Prime, and have the links in the descriptions.

We’re avid travelers, and lots of our inspiration comes from our explorations. We love to include local treasures, and unique items from afar – weaving them into our DateBoxes.

Here is a small sampling of some of our recent date nights, and links if available on Amazon:

Paint Night >> Paint and sip studios have swept every corner of our country, offering an absolutely perfect date night. Creative time together is relaxing, and so much fun (even for the non-artsy types). Our paint night box brought the full studio to our members’ homes. The box wasn’t just art supplies, but also included full tutorials to create tape paintings, or a couples painting. Club Favorite and available to purchase on Amazon Prime.

Spa Night >>  Our spa box contained 2 inflatable foot baths, and everything else needed to pamper each other with a foot reflexology date night. Our exclusive step-by-step guide to reflexology made the entire process easy and fun to learn together. Club Favorite and available for purchase on Amazon Prime HERE.

Hawaii Box >> Easily one of our member’s favorites, we packed a lot of Aloha into this! Our Nada dice game featured Hawaiian icons, and provided a fast paced game night for two. We provided plenty of incentive to win with our love tokens, and even some Bean Boozled fun for the losers of each round. We also included a kit for making matching puka shell bracelets, and everything was included – even an instruction video for tying off stretchy bracelets.

Puzzle War >> This is not your average puzzle night. Our Puzzle war was designed to play in a completely new way! Open the 2 puzzles, and mix them together in the bag – this is how our game works. Enjoying racing each other, swapping around pieces and munching on our favorite artisan popcorn. We also included a hand poured candle, and a fun connector game using anagrams. Club Favorite and available for purchase on Amazon Prime HERE.

Chocolate Fondue >> Nothing sings date night like the romance of chocolate fondue. Our box was packed with everything needed to make this classic dessert, plus our exclusive “4Play” game (absolutely a member favorite). This box was so popular for Valentine’s Day, we did it again.

Try us out, you won’t regret it! Plus if you’re not satisfied, canceling is super easy. We love what we do, and hope to see you in the Club! If you want to sample before you commit, visit our Amazon Store for a selection DateBoxes ready to ship!



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